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what's action silicone anion bracelet?

Energy hand ring is brand-new environmental protection, and has the help strengthen the body blood circulation, relaxes nervous, make the neck and shoulders relax, slow body and mind. Increase the body's energy transmission, enhance physical strength, improve the endurance and concentration. Due to the accumulation of lactic acid blood is the main cause of fatigue, after wearing the accumulation of lactic acid can be broken, and eliminate fatigue, strengthening the movement ability. Suit a crowd: sports fans, tourism enthusiasts, cervical spondylosis patients, the long-term use of computer personnel, fatigue crowd.
The Asian games hand ring is all the silica gel large international games common gift, it's very much in line with environmental protection concept of the Asian games spirit connotation, the Asian games is very like athletes silica gel hand ring, especially new a silicon hand ring, it is not difficult to find that more and more sports stars are hand wear silica gel bracelets comes into play, let the audience seems to fiddle, full of power
Only the silica gel hand ring; Energy hand ring; Energy balance hand ring, silica gel energy hand ring, powerbalance energy balance hand ring, EFX energy hand ring, EFX anion hand ring, XB energy hand ring, BODY energy hand ring, BODY silica gel anion energy hand ring, silica gel infrared hand ring, have fight fatigue, antistatic, resist radiation, energy balance the BODY's role!
Power silica gel hand ring-transparent powder commodity brand: power long: 175 cm weight: 10 grams commodity shape: the hand ring long about 22 cm packing list: hand ring a titanium is a kind of the wavelength of the radiation can through consistent cell ionization, regulating the body of the current element. And the human body to produce beneficial physiological function. It can: 1, adjust the current, relax, improve motor function. 2, adjust the local heat, the muscles relax. 3, by stimulating the flow of blood to help remove the blood flow by the pain of effects, and the fatigue factor. 4, to ease the mucoid capsule inflammation, sciatica, headaches, arthritis and before the symptom such as syndrome has obvious function.
Guangzhou Asian games to come, the rise in China's foreign trade quietly! Behind the enormous business opportunities- - - silica gel energy hand ring, anion hand ring, popular South Africa, Europe and America's energy balance of the silica gel popular hand ring, are Made in China, Made in China the words of a Chinese history and a high tide. China's manufacturing silicon energy hand ring, which is our factory in Chile, Germany, Britain's energy hand ring anion silica gel hand ring of patent manufacturers transferred. Welcome to visit! Order + find a well-off! = = = kang manager 13763289059
Silica gel hand loop by hydraulic press 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber and become suppressed; Wrist take itself has certain tension and softness, and therefore easy to deformation and immediately restore; Silica gel bracelet with resistance to abrasion, high temperature resistant, deformation, no poison, no taste, no side effect to human body characteristics and soft, no crack, long service life, not the skin and other advantages, silica gel is really the bracelet green environmental protection act the role ofing is tasted.
This product can be divided into many processing technology such as: join phosphor, convex word draw color, convex word 4 color printing, whole body 4 color printing and so on the plane, make our products more dazzle cruel fashion. Quality assurance, welcome consultation discussion.
1, the main functions of the negative ion
The main functions of the negative ion: negative ions have composed, analgesia, antitussive, relieving itching, diuresis, increased appetite, fall blood pressure effect. Such as thunderstorm, air negative ions increased, people feel mood. And in air conditioning room, because after a series of anion in air purification processing and air conditioning ventilation pipe long after almost all disappear, people in one long stay will feel chest tightness, dizziness, lack of power, work efficiency and health drops, called "air conditioning syndrome".
2, what is anion?
The so-called negative ion is refers to the negatively charged particles. For example in the air with a charged particles called positive ions, and has become negatively charged particles for negative ions. And ion is floating in the air to bring electronic of atoms. Experiments indicate, the negatively charged in the air the oxygen molecules and tiny water the molecules can generate negative ion, through the lungs and into the blood can promote the metabolism of human body after, the waterfall, the forest to the feeling of person mind. That is the reason why
3 and the importance of anion?
Ionized air exist widely in nature, for its existence constitute a new course-electrical climatic. Negative ion is an important part of the ionized air to human beings, and biological plays an important role and are known as air of vitamins and growth hormones.
4, negative effects on the body
According to expert observation research thinks, mainly in the following function: is the influence on the nervous system, can make the cerebral cortex function and mental activities to strengthen, spirits, improve work efficiency, can make morpheus quality improved. Anion still can make the brain of the oxidation process efforts, brain gain more oxygen. Is the influence of the cardiovascular system. According to scholars observation, anion have obvious the dilation of blood vessels effect, can remove artery vasospasm, achieve the purpose of lower blood pressure and negative to improve heart function can improve cardiac muscle nutrition was good, be helpful for high blood pressure and heart cerebrovascular disease patients recover. For the blood is the influence of the system. Research proves, anion have make blood slowing, extend the blood coagulation time effect, can make blood oxygen levels increase, be helpful for blood oxygen, absorption and utilization. The influence of the negative ion on the respiratory system is the most obvious. This is because negative ion is through the respiratory tract enters human body, it can increase the person's vital capacity. Someone once experiment, in the glass of air negative ions mask in 30 minutes, can make the absorption of oxygen quantity lung increased by 2%, and emit carbon dioxide capacity can be increased by 14.5%, the anion improve and increase the role of lung function.
Cancer is the active oxygen ion buster! The experiment proved negative ions are commonly used to pure and fresh air in a room full of negative ion of life to let a person feel in a happy mood. Japan rich mountain medical university professor TianZeXian time they found that, the anion can also increase the body of antioxidants, reduce active oxygen damage to human body. According to the yomiuri late publication 24 issue, the body of excessive reactive oxygen species will cause damage to cell protein, which may lead to cancer. Therefore, how to reduce the body of reactive oxygen species has been concerned by experts subject. TianZe professor who worked on such an experiment: in a room in the installation anion generator, 3 meters away from the device

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