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The choose and buy of silica gel gift skills

The choose and buy of silica gel gift skills

Dongguan JinYuanXiang plastic hardware electronics Co., ltd., the company since DuoNian by the customer, the staff has supported efforts, the supplier's vigorously to cooperate. And in addition to all kinds of factories, the company provides promotion, advertisement propaganda gift. We have a high level of technology, advanced equipment and excellent before printing production personnel, the production of various kinds of products can independently, by design, the version, do the goods at the check in a dragon service, and from all kinds of different stage meet the demand of the customers. To ensure the quality of goods, make you have no trouble back at home. We have always is with "professional focus, heart" work enthusiasm and together with you to explore the road ahead, and constantly in developing self-improvement, and self-improvement.

Silica gel main component is silica, the chemical stability, does not burn. Silica gel is a kind of amorphous silica, should be controlled workshop dust content is not more than 10 mg/m3, need to JiaJiangPai wind, operation wear a face mask. Silica gel has the very strong adsorption ability, to the person's skin can produce effect, therefore, operation dry should wear good clothes. If the silica gel into eyes, a lot of water to rinse, need to find a doctor as soon as possible and treatment. Blue silica gel because of a small cobalt chloride, toxic, should avoid contact with the food and silica gel and inhaled mouth, if produce poisoning shall immediately find a doctor's treatment.

Will use cobalt chloride silicic acid congealed gel solution after immersing again and activation, drying discoloration silica gel. Use it as a desiccant, water is blue, before after bibulous become red from the change of the color, can see, as well as whether need water level renewable processing. Silica gel also widely used in the recovery, the steam oil refining and preparation of catalysts.

Silica gel in use process for the medium adsorption or other organic material, water vapour adsorption ability to drop, but through after repeated use renewable. Silicon can be used to be, and can be reused desiccant. By silica gel is silicic acid congealed gel mSiO2 · nH2O appropriate dehydration and the particle size of a different porous material. The porous structure, with open than surface (unit quality surface area) is very big, can absorb many substance, is a kind of very good desiccant, absorbent and catalyst carrier. The adsorption effect of silica gel is mainly physical adsorption, can be recycled and used again and again. In alkali metal Portland (such as sodium silicate) add acid solution, make acidification, add a certain amount of electrolyte to stir, namely silicic acid congealed gel generation; Or in a thick add acid sodium silicate solution or ammonium salt can also generate silicic acid congealed gel. Will rest for a few hours silicic acid congealed gel to aging, then use hot water soluble salts, wash in 60 ~ 70 ℃ and about 300 in the drying ℃, can have when activated silica gel.

Silica gel (Silicon dioxide) alias: silicone rubber is a highly active adsorption materials, of amorphous material, the chemical formula for mSiO2 · nH2O. Insoluble in water and any solvent, avirulent insipidity, the chemical stability, except strong alkali, not with any material outside hydrofluoric acid reaction. Various types of silica gel because of its manufacturing method is different and the formation of different microporous structure. The chemical components of silica gel and physical structure, decided it has many other similar material to hard to replace characteristics: adsorption performance, high thermal stability, the chemical stability, high mechanical strength, etc. According to the size of the silica gel aperture is divided into: big hole the silica gel, the thick hole the silica gel, the type B the silica gel, the fine holes silica gel.

All the time since I dongguan shun plastic products Co., LTD are uphold the "quality the first, the service is thorough, the good faith for this, the credibility of the first" purpose, to provide customers with best quality, good and cheap products.

The dongguan silica gel gift definition is introduced
Professional production of various kinds of silica gel hand ring, energy hand ring, wrist, silica gel collar with silica gel, silica gel necklace, silica gel cell phone sets, silicon north trademark right, and so on. My company has set up their own tooling department and development department, sales department, color mixing department, production department (PVC, silica gel, injection), packaging department, qc, from market research, product development, design models to raw materials procurement, born products inspection until the final placement market, are under strict international management operation, in the fierce competition in the market stands firm and in the trade has been maintained leading technology, production level and the service advantage.

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