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"Flowery" silicone returning to life

Mention of silica gel, what would you think? Using silica gel breast augmentation rhinoplasty, or do the safety measures of condom? Recently, the Japanese beverage brand to thank people support, to actress silicone lips as gifts, as its said: let you talk to a famous actress" approach a woman portrait"! Silicone false lips set in the bottle mouth place, every sip, like in" with the other play kiss". Perhaps because it is a soft texture, always give a person a kind of secret or romantic feeling. In fact, it is available in the market of commodity is more and more extensive use, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and moist characteristics changed its public image -- most can be made into cooking or daily necessities, let people feel that it is close to the" virtuous".

Silica gel, a silicon rubber, is a highly reactive adsorption material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical property, high adsorption capacity, good thermal stability and other advantages, used as tableware, kitchenware is the most suitable. According to introducing, silicone material at slightly thin, in fact it is quite robust, - 60 DEG to 260 DEG C environment it can easily cope with. Because this material does not contain any metallic elements, so it can not only on the fire water heating, can also be used in the microwave. Do not say not to know, it is one kind of recyclable materials for environmental protection.

For other material tableware, it also has a special place: soft. So it is hard to convince people, it can be all kinds of things. From Spain, L e Ku e it to play the characteristics, manufacturing a variety of kitchen supplies. In China, L e Ku e or a new brand, in the friendship store had a small shop, but their products have appeared in a variety of international design awards. Go to the DIY pastry shop equipment, it turned into a lovely mold.

Daily necessities, silicone specialty is lovely and jelly color, as well as" gentle protection" role play. Some electronic products or headphones, using silica gel made into a protective sleeve, as soft and elastic, electronic products can be easily" drill" into the sleeve, in the hands of the hands, like is like skin affinity. Silicone earphone is said to sound insulation effect than the general hard plastic or sponge is much better. Home furnishing supplies store also began to appear silicone figure: it is designed to be versatile key bag, soft lie lie on the bag, there is a feeling lazy.

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